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Magic and Witchcraft

Magic and Witchcraft Magic , supernatural forces , with the support of the people , events and objects is a method of influencing. To make a generalization , if you need good magic and dark magic are divided into two. Good magic for good ,for evil dark magic is done. The weapon of witchcraft ,... Read More »


Magic Magic , people , nature and the events of paranormal and supernatural beings in some ways a breakthrough by receiving power from the mystical method. The spell is the person who made the connection with real life is completely lost. The magic has been captured, your entire self, and that no action of its... Read More »


SPIRITUAL SAYINGS ABOUT MAGIC Magic affects the entire human body and soul, health boosts , where the person is completely under the influence is a metaphysical fact. Metaphysical accuracy has been proven by studies. Spiritual words that contain chapters and verses in the Qur’an about magic are given. In the Qur’an says : The spell... Read More »