The magic of White

The magic of White The magic of White , the community , a type of magic made in good faith for the good of the people. Looking forward to the occasion and clean with good intentions, such as the name is done. The treatments that apply to those who formerly practiced medicine , The drug... Read More »

The Magic of the Spoon

The Magic of the Spoon The magic of the spoon , love you bind yourself to that kind of a spell. Has been helpless in the throes of love in general , want to improve adherence in the house, or a spell that refers to people who have been deceived by her husband of the... Read More »

Black Magic Spells

Black Magic Spells Black magic spells is one of the most effective. To hurt someone , with the intent to harm is done. Black magic in people’s lives , livelihood , at the same time as earnings can be done with the intent to harm , girlfriends, spouses separate from each other , such as... Read More »

Binding The Husband To Return Home A Charm

Binding The Husband To Return Home A Charm If love is such a powerful emotion , just as a sense of abandonment and lost love is painful. Quickly the party is affected and fragile the woman in the relationship. A marriage that was founded in the middle , if you have a home for a... Read More »

Magic and Witchcraft

Magic and Witchcraft Magic , supernatural forces , with the support of the people , events and objects is a method of influencing. To make a generalization , if you need good magic and dark magic are divided into two. Good magic for good ,for evil dark magic is done. The weapon of witchcraft ,... Read More »

What is Talisman

What is Talisman What is talisman ? Then we will enter into the details primarily by the general definition. Talisman to have supernatural powers , found what is believed to be some secrets. The amulet is some kind of magic, and this magic and spirit of nature, discovered by combining with each other with some... Read More »

Anatolian Spells

Anatolian Spells Magic , has a history dating from ancient times to the present day. Especially in the society that is dominated by polytheistic religion has become common. War and migration spread to Anatolia. In the jahiliyya period, people believed he was curious , and in this way is called the magic of Anatolia consisted... Read More »


Magic Magic , people , nature and the events of paranormal and supernatural beings in some ways a breakthrough by receiving power from the mystical method. The spell is the person who made the connection with real life is completely lost. The magic has been captured, your entire self, and that no action of its... Read More »


SPIRITUAL SAYINGS ABOUT MAGIC Magic affects the entire human body and soul, health boosts , where the person is completely under the influence is a metaphysical fact. Metaphysical accuracy has been proven by studies. Spiritual words that contain chapters and verses in the Qur’an about magic are given. In the Qur’an says : The spell... Read More »


CAST LEAD Ancient prayers that increased the power of magic, evil eye and negative ethics of the path of purification. We don’t know about any healing Cast Lead as a shield against negative external effects, purifies and protects us. The lead element, the parser feature raises the body rid of negative energy and positive energies.... Read More »